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” These words from the World Resources Institute’s Director-General, Linda Keen, mark the outcome of the first-ever global scientific analysis of the potential of natural capital. The results, published today in the International Journal of Ecology, identify seven policy options that could deliver 1.6-2.1 billion tonnes of carbon savings from “transformative change” to ecosystem services by 2030. [ooyala code=”8v5rRgSr1V0mRMtFmMRZ0Wqg3V9tZaJmqrW9cK10Pjw” player_id=”5c7f14be5d4847ee32a5bdc8d97001b8″ width=”1280″ height=”720″ auto=”true” autoplay=”true”][/ooyala] Natural, the online portal which launched as part of the report, acts as a visualisation tool to show the contribution of natural capital to three economic sectors: material, energy and food and fibre. Read more: The huge value of nature: the case for boosting nature-based solutions to the climate emergency Transformative change would deliver a carbon “floor” to the sector, protecting the services provided by the ecosystem. For example, about 1.4 billion tonnes of carbon savings could be achieved by transforming forests, marine ecosystems, soils, inland waters and the atmosphere to more efficiently deliver the services of water, food, clean air and climate regulation. The potential of natural capital to support the transition to a low-carbon economy lies in the fact that the 7.2-9.6 billion tonnes of carbon it stores exceeds the amount of carbon emissions by human activity. This additional carbon, termed “natural capital carbon” (NCC), could be mobilised in ways that benefit the well-being of people and help close the gap between the two. The most ambitious option to date to address this is BECCS (Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage). All of the seven policy options could also deliver major benefits to other goals of the Paris Agreement. In combination, they could help avoid the worst impacts of climate change and support sustainable, resilient development – with the potential to raise hundreds of billions of dollars to help people most in need. Linda Keen, Director General



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Ben 10Race Against Time 2007 DVDRip Dual AudioEng HindiAMDTMRG [Latest-2022]

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